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2012 Master Catalog   Hastings 2012 Piston Rings Master Catalog   PDF   420   6898KB
section: Piston Ring Set Contents PDF 1 40KB
section: Metric-Decimal Equivalents PDF 1 62KB
section: Fractions of Inch to Decimal Equivalents PDF 1 41KB
section: Piston Ring Types PDF 1 55KB
section: Engine Building and Ring Insallation Types PDF 1 67KB
section: Bore Finish PDF 3 87KB
section: Checking Compression Ring Gaps PDF 1 35KB
section: Alphabetical Listing Piston Rings PDF 207 1660KB
section: Numerical Set Listing PDF 115 802KB
section: Diametrical Set Listing PDF 47 417KB
section: Competitive Piston Ring Cross Reference PDF 25 230KB
section: Piston to Piston Ring Cross Reference PDF 15 142KB
section: Plastigage PDF 1 41KB
section: Groove Lock Spacers PDF 1 40KB
section: Piston Rign Installer PDF 1 40KB
section: Racing Piston Rings PDF 6 121KB

Racing Catalog   Hastings Tough Guy Racing Piston Rings Catalog   PDF   36   2969KB
section: Introduction PDF 2 153KB
section: About Hastings Manufacturing Company PDF 2 144KB
section: Nomenclature PDF 1 72KB
section: Piston Ring Functions PDF 1 83KB
section: Hastings Tough Guy Racing Ring Set PDF 1 75KB
section: Tough Guy Advantages PDF 1 72KB
section: Premium Ductile & Steel Rings by Diameter PDF 7 95KB
section: Claimer Rings by Diameter PDF 1 58KB
section: Racing Applications PDF 5 737KB
section: Harley-Davidson Applications PDF 2 200KB
section: Sport Compact Applications PDF 6 938KB
section: File Fit End Gap & Plastigage PDF 1 66KB
section: Groove Lock Spacers PDF 1 60KB

Tough Guy Racing Rings Wall Chart   Wall Chart With Tough Guy Racing Rings Information
including Premium Ductile & Steel, and Claimer Applications by Diameter
  PDF   1   252KB
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