The importance of cylinder wall deglazing cannot be overemphasized. The proper cylinder finish will provide the quickest possible break-in and greatly reduce the possibilities of ring or piston scuffing during break-in.

The glazed cylinder wall causes rings to "skate" on the highly polished finish and discourages the minute amount of wear which is necessary to mate piston rings with the bore.

The interrupted "deglazed" finish contains minute hills and valleys which carry a film of oil which will retard which will retard scuffing during break of as well as produce the type of cylinder finish piston rings can mate to very rapidly.

The finish produced by a 220-280 grit stone is most desirable. The cross hatch pattern should intersect at approximately a 450 angle. Too flat an angle leads to ring spinning which prevents seating the rings.

Probably the most critical part of the deglazing operation is the proper cleaning after deglazing. The residue of honing, if left in the engine, will rapidly destroy all moving parts. It is recommended that engines be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water. Clean with soap and water until the bore can be wiped with a clean white cloth without soiling the cloth. After clean up, oil the area to prevent rust formation. Waterless hand soap also serves as an excellent cleaning agent.


This new Deglazer is fast, easy to use a real performer ever under adverse condit1ions. Cylinders can be deglazed and crosshatched in 30 to 45 seconds. Tests made on this tool have proven satisfactory operation up to 14 hours of continual running.

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No. 1733-37


Sturdily built deglazing hone breaks the glaze in any cylinder. Flexible drive shaft permits easy access to all cylinders. Cone expansion adjusts hone to cylinder wall with uniform pressure. Adjustable spring tension lets you select desired pressure.

Fits standard %" drill. Cylinder range is 3" to 6", no extensions required.

Supplied with 220 grit stones recommended for quick, positive seating of steel and chrome rings. Replacement stones and pads available.

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