Throughout the 75 years of producing piston rings Hastings has accumulated a vast store of knowledge on piston ring technologies. As new problems are solved or to prevent known problems from happening again, Hastings has authored Service Tips for the Automotive Mechanic. This book has been available to Hastings' customers for a small fee. The content of now available on this site.

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Piston and Ring Terms
Ring Nomenclature
Popular Ring Types
Factors Influencing Oil Control in a Spark Ignited Gasoline Engine

Checking Compression Ring Gaps
Ring Groove Depths of Pistons
Oil Ring Groove Depths
Torque Chart
Pound Feet / Newton - Meters
Cylinder Peak Firing Pressures
Volume and Length Conversion Formulas
Ring Width Conversion Chart
Common Oversize / Undersize Conversions
Metric - Decimal Equivalents

Engine Building
Destroking or Decompressing Pistons
Hastings Piston Ring Set Composition Recommendations
Manganese Phosphate Coating on Compression Rings
Reconditioning Top Ring Grooves
Ring Installation
Ring Installation in Smaller Bores
Correct Compression Ring Installation
Installing Hastings G.L. Spacers
Piston Rings in Chrome Plated Cylinder Liners
How to Grind V-8 OHV Engine Cylinder Heads
How to Grind V-8 OHV Engine Cylinder Heads Where Intake Manifold Serves as Lifter Valley Cover
Engine Blueprinting
Cleaning Engines Before Disassembly
Cylinder Deglazing
Oversize Cylinders
Cylinder Bore Refinishing
Engine Pre-Lubrication
Break-In Procedure
Compression Ring Seating
Rebuilding Aluminum Block Engines
Press Fitting Aluminum Timing Gears
Overhauling Bi-Metallic Engines

Engine Subsystems
The Function of Valve Seals
Hastings Bronze Valve Guide-Liner
Premature Valve Stem and Guide Wear
Why You Should Use Valve Spring Inserts
Cooling Systems
Engine Breathing System
Air Intake Filters
Vacuum Powered and / or Controlled Accessories

Valve Guide Knurling
Recommendations for Better Valve Guide Reamer Efficiency and Life
How to Use Micrometers
Boring Bar Squareness Check

Problems & Problem Prevention
Detonation and Pre-Ignition
Locations to Check for External Oil Leaks
Oil Consumption Check List
Checking Engines for Source of Excessive Smoking
Bent Compression Rings
Vacuum Leaks in Modern Engines
Fuel Wash
Pressure Cleaning Media in Engines
Oil Ring Installation Problems
Bent Compression Rings
Piston, Cylinder, Piston Ring Scuffing
Ring Compressor Damage

Tips for Special Engines
Perkins Perkins Diesel
Continental Continental L-head (flat head) Engines
Oil Consumption in N, Y and F Series Engines
Ford Truck - 401, 477 and 534 SD Engines
Truck 361 & 391 Gas Engines
Water Pump Leaks on 429 and 460 Engines
Intake Manifold Torque in 351-C Engines
International V-8 Engines
International Harvester Truck Engines
Piston Scuffing or Broken Rings in Trucks with 330, 361 or 391 CID Engines
Low Oil Pressure on   4-152, 196, V-266 304 and 345 Engines
Chrysler Pushrod and Hydraulic Tappet Changes
Chevrolet Caution on Valve Guide Installation in 396 and 427 CID Engines
Coolant Seepage on 6 Cylinder Engines
Cracks in Chevy In-Line Engines
Cracked Vega Heads
Oldsmobile Resurfacing Heads on 1978-on 350 Diesel
Reboring 1977 - 1979 Olds Built 403 CID Engines
Mack Thermodyne and Maxidyne 6 Cylinder Inline Diesel Cylinder Liner to Block Clearance Revision

Engineering Bulletins
Cleaning Pistons Caution
Pressure Blast Cleaning Engine Parts
Oil Economy Gasoline vs. Gaseous Fuels
Detonation in a Gasoline Automotive Engine
Fuel Pump & Oil Consumption
More Engine Cleaning Warnings