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3.0312 Ring Diameters

Loose rings can not be ordered through e-Ring at this time.  To place your order please contact Customer Service at 269-945-2491/1-800-776-1088 (toll free).

42272041 SEMI,SPLIT-GRND3.03120.12350.1350*1106 SEMI FIN. RING
36912041 SEMI,SPLIT-GRND3.03120.09650.1240*1106 SEMI FIN. RING
38495042 SEMI,SPLIT-INSP3.03120.06750.1380*1106 SEMI FIN. RING
36515044 SEMI,SPLIT-INSP,HI TENSIL3.03120.06750.1380*1106 SEMI FIN. RING